Flaming Lips

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Jahr Künstler Format Titel Plattenfirma Bewertung Anmerkungen
1986 Flaming Lips LP Hear it is **½ (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) Cowboy Punk, Garagen Beat, bleiche Meditationen; "Jesus shootin' heroin", "Trains, brains and rain"
1987 Flaming Lips LP Oh my gawd!!!... The Flaming Lips *** (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) Prog Rock; "One million billionth..."
1989 Flaming Lips LP Telepathic surgery *** (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) Pop; "Shaved gorilla"
1990 Flaming Lips CD In a priest driven ambulance **** (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006)
1992 Flaming Lips CD Hit to death in the future head **½ (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) Pop Psychedelia
1993 Flaming Lips CD Transmissions from the satellite heart ***½ (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) Bubblegum; "Chewing the apple of your eye", "Be my head", "She don't use jelly"
1995 Flaming Lips CD Clouds taste metallic **** (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) Sixties, Pop, Grunge; "This here giraffe", "Christmas at the zoo", "Kim's watermelon gun"
1997 Flaming Lips CD Zareeka **** (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006)
1999 Flaming Lips CD The soft bulletin ***** (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) "A spoonful weights a ton", "Feeling yourself disintegrate"
2002 Flaming Lips CD Yoshimi battles the pink robots ****½ (Rolling Stone [DE] April 2006) "Fight test"