1998 Screamin' Jay Hawkins 2CD "At last"

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country fr.gif FR: Last Call 303562-2 / Arcade ARC 334

A 01 (04:42) Listen (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 02 (02:09) Because of you (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 03 (04:25) Coulda', woulda', shoulda' (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 04 (04:28) Potluck (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 05 (04:19) You took me (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 06 (02:38) Deceived (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 07 (02:32) I'll be there (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 08 (02:13) I played the fool (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 09 (02:14) Shut your mouth when you sneeze (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 10 (03:41) Life goes on (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 11 (04:31) You want love (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 12 (06:49) Make me happy (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 13 (06:40) I shot the sheriff (Bob Marley)
B 01 (17:02) Cool conversation (Jalacy Hawkins)
  • Matrix CD 1: DURECO 3027422
  • Matrix CD 2: DURECO FR 3035622CD2
  • Production: Jim Dickinson.
  • Recording: 1997.07 Memphis (Tennessee), Sam Phillips Recording Service. - Sound engineer: Roland Janes.
  • Musicians: Frank Ash (guitar), Bertram Brown (backing vocals), William Brown (backing vocals), T-Bone Tommy Burroughs (violin), Jim "East Memphis Slim" Dickinson (keyboard, percussion), Screamin' Jay Hawkins (vocals, piano), Roger Hawkins (drums), David Hood (bass), Kelley Hurt (backing vocals), Sam Shoop (bowed bass), Jim Spake (saxophone)
  • Mixing: 1997.08-09 Memphis (Tennessee), Power House. - Mixing engineer: Kevin Houston.
  • Mastering: Memphis (Tennessee), Cryrock Studio. - Mastering engineer: Mike Iacopelli.
  • Executive producer: Patrick Mathé.
  • Photos: Vincent Lignier.
  • Sleeve design: L'Ere Graphique.
  • Note: This is a limited edition of the 1998 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD AT LAST (FR: Last Call 302742-2) containing a bonus CD with a 17 minute nightclub rap entitled "Cool conversation". The cover is slightly different than the original 1CD-edition: the six small pictures of Screamin' Jay under the CD at the left are not in black and white but in color. Also the imprint on the CD is not in black and white but on CD 1 it is in blue, on CD 2 it is in red.

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1998.07 Screamin' Jay Hawkins 2CD AT LAST country fr.gif FR: Last Call 303562-2 / Arcade ARC 334 limited edition