1996.03 various artists "The X-files (Songs in the key of X)"

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right1996.03 various artists CD THE X-FILES (SONGS IN THE KEY OF X) (US: Warner Bros. 9 46079-2)

country us.gif US: Warner Bros. 9 46079-2

A 00 () Nick Cave and the Dirty Three Time Jesum transeuntum et non riverentum () hidden track
A 01 (03:24) Mark Snow X-files theme (main theme) ()
A 02 (03:22) Soul Coughing Unmarked helicopters ()
A 03 (04:36) Sheryl Crow On the outside ()
A 04 (04:04) Foo Fighters Down in the park ()
A 05 (03:30) William S. Burroughs and REM Star me kitten ()
A 06 (06:11) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Red right hand ()
A 07 (04:10) Filter Thanks bro ()
A 08 (04:59) Frank Black Man of steel ()
A 09 (03:44) Meat Puppet Unexplained ()
A 10 (03:50) Danzig Deep ()
A 11 (02:10) Screamin' Jay Hawkins Frenzy (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 12 (06:19) Elvis Costello and Brian Eno My dark life ()
A 13 (04:12) Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper Hands of Death (Burn baby burn) ()
A 14 (04:06) P. M. Dawn If you never say goodbye (Chris Carter, P. M. Dawn)
A 15 (03:58) P. M. Dawn X-files theme [P. M. Dawn remix] ()
  • Compilation production: David Was, Chris Carter
  • Production: [A 01] Mark Snow [A 02] Steve Fisk, Soul Coughing [A 03] Bill Bottrell [A 04] Barrett Jones, Foo Fighters [A 05] James Grauerholz, Scott Litt, R. E. M. [A 06] Tony Cohen, The Bad Seeds [A 07] Filter [A 08] Nick Vincent [A 09] Curt Kirkwood [A 10] Glenn Danzig [A 11] Bob Irwin [A 12] Brian Eno, Elvis Costello [A 13] Rob Zombie, Terry Date, Charlie Clauser [A 14-15] P. M. Dawn
  • Engineers: [A 02] Bil Emmons [A 03] Bill Bottrell [A 04] Barrett Jones [A 05] Clif Norrell, James Grauerholz [A 07] Filter [A 08] Matt Yelton [A 09] Chad Fridirici [A 10] Bill Kennedy [A 13] Rob Zombie, Terry Date, Charlie Clauser [A 14-15] Michael Fossenkemper.
  • Liner notes: David Was, Chris Carter.
Based around one of the more unique TV series' of the 1990s, this album features new material by Soul Coughing, Sheryl Crow and the Foo Fighters, among others. All but two songs (among them "Frenzy") were written specifically for this album, and most have been heard in The X files.
"Frenzy" by Screamin Jay Hawkins can be heard in the episode "Humbug" (originally aired on 31 March 1995) in which the Alligator Man, a circus performer afflicted with a rare skin disease, is the latest victim in a series of inexplicable attacks that have ranged over the entire country in the past few years. When Mulder and Scully arrive to investigate, however, they find an entire town full of circus performers and carnival freaks. Unraveling the mystery takes them to the limits of the bizarre and the surrealistic, as they must chase a killer through a community of freaks. Black humor abounds as the solution to the mystery - and the fate of the killer - stuns even the unflappable X-Files team.
There is a note in the CD booklet saying: "NICK CAVE AND THE DIRTY THREE would like you to know that 0 is also a number." (try to program track 0 on your CD player... or play track 1 and skip back to track 0...)
Almost all of the tracks appearing on this sampler were commissioned by the show's creator Chris Carter (with help from David Was and Warner Bros. A&R exec Geoffrey Weiss).
The CD has got the "parental advisory" sticker because of the song "Star kitten" which includes the word fuck.

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1996.03 CD THE X-FILES (SONGS IN THE KEY OF X) country us.gif US: Warner Bros. 9 46079-2
1996.03 MC THE X-FILES (SONGS IN THE KEY OF X) country us.gif US: Warner Bros.
1996.04 CD THE X-FILES (SONGS IN THE KEY OF X) country jp.gif JP: Warner Bros. / WEA Japan WPCR-478


1996.03.29 Entertainment Weekly p. 61-63
...part rock-hipster anthology, part Dr. Demento album for music eggheads - [SONGS IN THE KEY OF X] is easily the most ambitious record ever assembled for a TV soundtrack... [Rating: B]