Screamin' Jay Hawkins/Biography

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Short biography

Screamin' Jay Hawkins inspired a flock of other madmen like Screaming Lord Sutch, Arthur Brown, Dr. John, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, George Clinton, Warren Zevon, and Marilyn Manson, among many others.

Excessive biography


Some anecdotes

  • Screamin' J Robbins seems to know a lot about Hawkins and during a conversation at Pachyderm Studios he told me about the time he actually saw the man play live in DC. Apparently Hawkins was not touring with a band, but rather alone in a car and then he would have the venue provide a backing band for him. I'm not sure if he required the club to furnish a coffin for him to arise from as he was known to do back in the day... but I do know that the band was so unfamiliar with Hawkins' songs, that Screaming Jay actually had to scream out the notes for them during the song! J said it was awful and completely embarrassing. Can you imagine. "I put a spell on you... G SHARP! ... because you're mine... B FLAT! ...stop the things you do... A MINOR SEVENTH DIMINISHED!"