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1969.12 Rolling Stones LP Let it bleed
1998 Rolling Stones CD NO SECURITY
2005 Rolling Stones CD A BIGGER BANG

Delia Smith baked the "Let It Bleed" cake! She is now a "cooking guru" and has her own TV show in England.

From Sean Egan's book on the making of Let it Bleed:

In a scarcely twist of fate, the sponge layer of the cake on the cover of this utterly decadent album was baked by Delia Smith.

Smith is now a household name - at least to British audiences - as a TV chef and author (one of her cookery books was one of the fastest-selling tomes in history) and is the epitome of clean-cut. At the time she was less well known, working for a food photographer, but had started her own column in the compact Daily Mirror.

"One day they said they wanted a cake for a Rolling Stones record cover", she said later. "it was another job at the time. They wanted it to be very over the top and as gaudy as I could make it."

Chkiantz recalls, "She was shacking up with a bloke who was staying at a friend of mine's apartment. Neither of them had a clue how to cook and it was this friend of mine who told them how to cook a sponge cake. She was too busy to do anything very much else."

It's not known how much of Brownjohn's £1000 budget was spent on Smith's cake.

(page 161, from the middle)

Bleeding is a common term in record mixing, when you can hear, say the drums on the vocal take or on any other take. To avoid that, people began recording in booths, which is, not that much of a social experience, to say the least.

So I can imagine any of the Stones, well rather of the Glimmer Twins, saying to the engineer, after being asked to do yet another take because of this phenomenon:

"Aah f#@% man! Let it bleed!"

And there you have your album title.

Richard Lloyd with Johnny Thunders & Robert Gordon / Tribute To The Rolling Stones "Max's Kansas City 1978" R060419 3000Y/3150Y(w/tax) (1CDR) 1978年、NYロッカーのオールスターセッションによるストーンズ・トリビュートライブ!NYパンクファン垂涎の驚愕の未発表音源を遂に発掘!テレヴィジョンのR.Lloydの呼び掛けにより78年マクシスで行ったストーンズへのトリビュート・カバーライブ!ハートブレイカーズのBilly RathとJerry Nolanをリズム隊にパティスミスグループよりIvan Kralをギター、Richard Lloydがギター&ヴォーカルという布陣。Lyn Toddをゲストヴォーカルに迎えた"Live With Me"からスタート。2曲目以降Richard Lloydがヴォーカルを取り、"Play With Fire"ではLanny Kayeがゲストでギターをプレイ!ティーンエイジャーの頃に聴きまくったであろうストーンズナンバーだけあり、メンバーの呼吸もぴったり。珠玉のナンバーを立続けにプレイした後、"Suzie Q"ではなんとRobert GordonとJohnny Thundersが登場!Robert Gordonは続く"'Round & 'Round"でもヴォーカルを取り、Johnnyは"Suzie Q"以降の全曲であのカミナリギターをプレイ!ストーンズマニアのジョニーならではの発禁レアナンバー"Cocksucker Blues"では原曲とは全く異なるサイケデリックバージョンであのヴォーカルも堪能できます!ラストの"The Last Time"まで、良くある単なるストーンズカヴァーとは一線を画した奇跡の共演が繰り広げられます!!! 

1.Live With Me
2.It's All Over Now
3.Wild Horses
4.One More Try
5.Tumblin' Dice
6.Play With Fire
7.She Said Yeah
8.Under My Thumb
9.Brown Sugar
10.Jumpin' Jack Flash
12.Suzie Q
13.Around & Around
14.Cocksucker Blues
16.The Last Time

Richard Lloyd - guitar & vocals
Ivan Kral - guitar
Billy Rath - bass
Jerry Nolan - drums
Johnny Thunders-guitar & vocals tracks 12-16
Robert Gordon - vocals tracks 12 & 13
Lyn Todd - vocals Track 1 & 2
Lenny Kaye - guitar - Track 6