1991 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD "Real life"

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1991 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD REAL LIFE (FR: EPM Musique-Blues Collection CD BC 15 755 2)

country fr.gif FR: EPM Musique-Blues Collection CD BC 15 755 2

A 01 (03:57) Deep in love (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 02 (01:56) Your kind of love (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 03 (04:24) Get down France (Larry Martin)
A 04 (03:11) All night (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 05 (03:15) Serving time (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 06 (03:40) Feast of the Mau Mau (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 07 (02:19) I feel alright (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 08 (05:13) Poor folks (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 09 (01:47) Mountain jive (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 10 (05:30) Constipation blues (Jalacy Hawkins)
A 11 (03:31) Alligator wine (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller)
  • Production: Larry Martin. - Assistant: Patrick Ségarel. - Horn arrangements: Larry Martin, Nile. - Executive production: Jean-Paul Barriolade, Sylvain Mustaki, Dominique Buscail
  • Recording: 1983.04-05 Paris, Anagramme Studio. - Engineer: Daniel Bujon
  • Musicians: Pierre Goasguen (trombone), Gilbert Govaerts (bandoneon A 01), Max Gowland (harmonica A 02, 10), Screamin' Jay Hawkins (vocals, piano, percussion, backing vocals), Alain Jacq (trumpet), Le Baron Mardi (whistles, backing vocals, noises), Bernard Le Dreau (tenor sax), Dennis Lescoeur (drums, percussions, backing vocals), Joan Lieber (backing vocals), Larry Martin (guitar, backing vocals), Etienne Mialet (soprano sax, tenor sax), Nile (keyboards, backing vocals), Paul Pechenaert (guitar A 02), Tina Provenzano (backing vocals), Patrick Ségarel (percussion, noises), Zox (bass)
  • Cover design: Noëlle Prinz, Michel Raby
  • Photo: Alain Gardinier
  • Liner notes: Profile by George White

Liner notes


Jalacy Hawkins, singer (baritone) / composer / arranger / multi-instrumentalist (piano, organ, saxophone, tambourine, vibes)
18 July 1929 in Cleveland, Ohio
The Crazy Man, The Man Of A Million Faces, The Wild Man Of Rock, The Clown Prince Of Rock'n'Roll, The Prince Of Darkness, The Guru Of Voodoo
Memorable quotes
"I don't sing 'em, I destroy 'em!"
"I try to do anything that's impossible when I'm on stage: the most effective is the least expected!"
Recording career
Made his recording debut in 1952 with Tiny Grimes and his Rocking Highlanders on "Why do you waste my time" [Gotham 295] - went solo March 1953 - recorded blues and ballad material for Timely, Mercury, Wing and Grand (1953-56).
Rocketed to fame in 1957 with "I put a spell on you" [OKeh 7072], a powerful ballad punctuated by manic screams, grunts and groans that caused uproar at the time of its release - quickly established a reputation as the wildest, craziest, most outrageous performer on the rock'n'roll circuit - subsequently made transition to horror rock through weird waxings like "Frenzy" [OKeh 7087] and "Alligator wine" [OKeh 7101], and extensive use of stage props like skulls, snakes, shrunken heads and a coffin (premiered at Alan Freed's Manhattan Paramount Christmas Show, 1957).
Sadly, equally worthy efforts for Red Top, Enrica, Chancellor, Roulette, Planet, Providence, Decca, Philips, Queen Bee, Hot Line, London and RCA-Victor (1958-75) were commercially unsuccessful - was inactive 1976-78 due to stage accident - re-emerged 1978 via appearance in American hot wax - has since toured not only North America and Australia, but also Europe, where his popularity is now greater than ever.
About this record
While visiting France in the spring of 1983, Jay took time out to record the album you now hold in your hands. His first long-player in over a decade, it not only represents another milestone in his fascinating career, but is also one of the few occasions he was given the freedom and resources to do what he wanted, and the results - from the haunting eeriness of "Deep In Love" to the anal excesses of "Constipation Blues" - are, quite simply, magnificent. To quote Jay: "This is brand new music, brand new blues, but done with the old Screamin' Jay style. I think this album will surpass anything I have ever done." Hear it for yourself and see if you don't agree.

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The original 1983 Screamin' Jay Hawkins LP REAL LIFE [FR: Zeta 15755] did not contain "Alligator wine".

1991 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD REAL LIFE country fr.gif FR: EPM Musique-Blues Collection CD BC 15 755 2
1994 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD REAL LIFE country gb.gif GB: Charly CD CHARLY 163
1998 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD REAL LIFE country gb.gif GB: Charly CDCRH 101
2003.07 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD REAL LIFE country gb.gif GB: Charly SNAP 127 CD UPC: 0803415112722

Ten songs of this album have also surfaced on the 1997.11 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD ALLIGATOR WINE (THE BEST OF SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS) [GB: Music Club MCCD 322 / Deluxe].