song "You took me" (Jalacy Hawkins)

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Not found in either BMI nor ASCAP databases.

  • Songwriter/Composer: Jalacy Hawkins (according to CD AT LAST)
  • Publishers:


1997 Screamin' Jay Hawkins ()
Musicians: Screamin' Jay Hawkins (vocals, piano)
1998 Screamin' Jay Hawkins CD AT LAST FR: Last Call


Screamin' Jay Hawkins ()
You took me, made me love you so
You took me, demand I ask for more
I'm not ashamed to beg you cry for more
Ouh baby, you took me
The more I see, the less I know
The more I talk, the less I say
I'm not ashamed to beg you cry for more
Oh, you took me
[guitar solo]
I want to borrow your mind for a little time
So I can see what you saw
Take what you eat, walk in your feet
Love you more and more
Oooh you took me, you stole my soul
You took me, made me come back for more
You took me, yes, you took me away
Aaaaaieee baby, I say you took me
You wanna make me sing
You took me, it wasn't no dream
You took me, baby, you took my soul